Workshop Organizer: Karen Garrett, Professor, University of Florida
Co-Organizers: Robin A Choudhury, Ravin Poudel, Ricardo Alcala Briseno, Joubert Fayette, James fulton, Kelsey Andersen

Epidemic Networks in Plant Pathology

Networks are a key component of plant pathology, and understanding them supports genetics, microbiome science, and epidemiology. This workshop will prepare participants to interpret network analyses, and will provide participants with experience in network analysis for several representative data sets. The learning goals for this workshop are for participants to (1) understand basic ideas in network science, and (2) gain practice in network analysis with examples including microbiome networks, epidemic networks, and networks of the spread of technologies. The workshop will use the R programming environment, and will provide a brief introduction to R.

Workshop Logistics


WORKSHOP: Network Analysis in Plant Pathology

Sunday, July 29th 1:00pm-5:00pm

Hynes Convention Center - Room 203


Pre-Workshop Set Up

Make sure you have the most recent versions of R and R Studio Installed on your computer.

Also, it would be useful to download the following R packages prior to the workshop:

  • tidyverse
  • igraph
  • hmisc
  • Matrix

For new R useRs: open R studio and type the following code into the console, OR you can go over the “Packages” tab in the bottom right hand corner of R studio, click “install”, and type in the names of the packages that you would like to install. Once you have installed a package on your computer, there is no need to install again. Instead, each time you need to use the package you use the library() code (as shown below).